Monday, April 30, 2012

Kayaking and Fasting

Yesterday, Kevin and I went on an amazing kayaking trip.  We rented our boat from Moss Bay and went on a three hour jaunt, up lake Union and east, past UW and into Lake Washington.  When we kayaked last weekend, we went west, so it was a nice change of scenery.  The other advantage to this trip was the less than perfect weather.  We didn't get sunburnt this time and were very comfortable out on the water.  Also, going east has the advantage of being more scenic and less industrial.  I'm still not sure why I can't seem to paddle straight...but Kevin was great at steering and it was a great day. 

After kayaking, we went to the hardware store to checkout planters for our urban garden.  We have an east facing balcony, so I'm not sure how the plants are going to do, but we are going to give it our best.  We bought lavender, blueberries, fennel, broccoli, and caulifloiwer plants at the University District farmers market and they are currently sunning themselves and waiting for their new planter!  Anyway, the hardware store had a nice, collapsable one that looked like a good size and so we will probably get it tomorrow (I hope).  Tonight is dance class and fast-day. 

Fasting has been an interesting experience.  We started last week and are on a schedule of
Monday - fast
Tuesday - regular
Wednesday - fast
Thursday - regular
Friday - fast
Saturday - regular
Sunday - regular
Last week was a challenge - the more I thought about how I was fasting, the more cranky I seemed to get.  I certainly notice a consistant dry, papery feeling in my mouth on the fast days.  I did figure out that if I don't think about fasting too much on those days and keep myself busy, I don't feel as moody.  I feel like my appetite has decreased by fasting.  I eat a pretty big breakfast after the fast day, but I am not ravenous for lunch, for instance.  Additional upside, I have now lost 20 lbs from my last summer weight - thank goodness.  In order to be in the healthy BMI range, I need to lose another 15-20 though and fasting seems to help. 

Next spring is our wedding!! And it would be nice to look good :-)