Monday, January 9, 2012

Elisabeth and the Hapsburgs

Since I haven't been spending regular time posting & I'm afraid of forgetting parts when I tell Kevin:

Yesterday in summary:
-  Vienna Boys Choir/High Mass
-  Royal Treasury
* Cafe Griensteidl
-  Imperial Apartments
-  Sissi Museum
* Ritter Cafe

Today in Summary:
* Cafe Demel
train to Budapest!

Budapest so far is rather overwhelming.  I finally found the hostel and got settled in here.  The people in the room are a lot more chatty and outgoing than those in Vienna.  I may try going out in the evening tomorrow, if I'm not too tired.  I had a wonderful morning in Cafe Demel.  Everyone was so polite and friendly and the food was just superb.  I took a lot of photos and will post them when I get back.

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