Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Tenets of Traveling Cheap

1.  Walk everywhere you can.  It may take longer, but it gives you a much better feel for the city and lets you see things, even if you don't have time to go in them all.
2.  You don't always have to eat out.  Bring/buy snacks (clementines, energy bars, etc.) for when you're on the move.  When you do eat out though, do it properly and make sure you try the local cuisine.  Eating in restaurants beyond the main drag is usually less expensive and more authentic.
3.  You don't need to stay in 5 star hotels.  Hostels are good and can be much more affordable.  Just check location, amenities, safety and price when making your decision.
4.  Do spend money on guided trips and tours, especially walking ones, they are worth it!
5.  Travel guides are important, but getting older versions (1-3 years) allows you to get key information and then just look up the specifics (hours) that might have changed.

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